Berry Blessed 4 Day Detox Smoothies

Berry Blessed 4 Day Detox Smoothies

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*Keep refrigerated shelf life is 7 days

Products are made daily with natural ingredients. Each product is precisely measured to see any "said" benefits. 


  • Spring Water
  • Blueberries
  • Beets
  • Sea Moss 

May your cup runneth over!

Potential Benefits (results may vary)

  • May give energy 
  • May help build your immune system 
  • May help remove toxics from your body
  • May help with weight loss 
  • May help with digestion 
  • May help improve liver function
  • May help with inflammation 
  • May help with skin issues
  • May help promote healthy hair 
  • May help promote healthy nails
  • May help promote healthy thyroid functions 
  • May help with blood pressure 
  • May help with libido 
  • May help get the body alkaline 

The Berry Blessed 4 day detox may get rid of toxins in your body.  It may also give energy, and promote weight loss when done properly. 

This detox must be consumed 4 consecutive days every morning. The smoothie needs to be the first thing you consume. You must adapt to the vegan lifestyle, and eat extremely clean for 4 days in order to possibly get the "said" benefits from the detox. Don't consume any bread, rice, meat, dairy, or drinks with caffeine or sugar.

MUST CONSUME FIRST THING IN MORNING; While detoxing only consume fruits, vegetables(cooked or raw), water, and natural herbal tea

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