Know Your Worth -Celebrate Your Singleness & Celibacy Coaching Sessions

Know Your Worth -Celebrate Your Singleness & Celibacy Coaching Sessions

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This 4 Step coaching session is exactly what you need to walk into your worth with celibacy. This session is also designed to help you celebrate your singleness until your Devine mate comes.

Your body is your temple and should be treated in the highest regard. Your love, and worth for your body should not depend on who you are intimate with, or if you are in a relationship. When you completely know your worth, being in a relationship or intimate with someone should no longer be a factor. Soul ties of intimacy are very difficult to break. Each time you become intimate with someone a piece of your soul is taken away from you.  This can leave you feeling lonely and broken in some aspects. 

Schedule your coaching session with Kimberly Diamond of KIMestry LLC and begin to celebrate  your singleness, and/ or walk into your worth with celibacy! This coaching session is available for females of all ages. Clients under the age of 18 will need parental-guardianship consent.

Purpose of Coaching Sessions

The purpose of the 4 one hour coaching sessions is to help you celebrate your singleness and/or walk into celibacy while knowing your worth.  The 4 sessions are designed to develop a coaching relationship between you and your coach in order to cultivate your personal growth needs as it relates to being single, celibate, knowing your worth, and self-confidence.

All coaching sessions are catered specifically for your needs. A 4 tier plan will be created to carry out self-esteem building goals through stimulating and creative interactions with the ultimate result of maximizing your personal potential.

 Session 1: Let's Get Acquainted

We will become virtual friends as you walk into your new journey of celebrating your singleness, celibacy, self-value and knowing your worth. I want to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. I want help you embrace being single until your Devine mate comes. I want to know why you want to become celibate. I want to know if you are struggling with being single, or becoming celibate. I want to help you break these barriers. I want to know what you absolutely love about intimacy, and what you don't like about it. All of your thoughts are safe with me.


Session 2: Let's Do the Work

You will be given assignments geared towards celebrating your singleness, and walking into your celibacy. These are implemented in order to guide you in the direction of building your self-value in a positive direction. Self-value, and knowing your worth are two important tools you will need to embrace being single, and celibate. You'll be given homework assignments on how to build self-value, and knowing your worth. You have two weeks to complete the assignments.

Session 3: Let's talk About It

We will have virtual girl talk and incorporate the work from session 2. We will also discuss your previous homework assignments. We will have candid conversations of what needs to be implemented to embrace being single, and walk into the life of celibacy. We will explore different ways of boosting your self-value with the information given from session 2. We will do an overall evaluation with the information given to the coach from session 2. You'll be given self-value building exercises that will help you adapt in your celibacy journey, and to help you  celebrate your singleness. 


Session 4: No More Sheets

You are ready to walk into your new life of celibacy and celebrating your singleness. In this session you should no longer devalue you. We will discuss the exercises given to you in session 3. You should be ready to walk into a new level of self-worth, self-confidence,  celibacy, and being single. You should be ready to explore this new journey of having no more soul ties and never settling for less than you deserve. It is a rewarding feeling when you know your worth,  celebrate your singleness, and walk into your celibacy journey. 

Follow up with the Accountability Virtual Coaching Session

30 minutes for $30

This session is given once you have completed the 4 sessions.  You have applied the tools given but you feel like you need an accountability partner. You will be given more self-value , celebrating  your singleness, and celibacy coaching mechanisms in hopes that all you needed was accountability.